The International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) is one of the leading world wine fairs since 1969. Its main goal is to reward the excellence of wines and spirits submitted from more than 90 countries. IWSC is an established, London-based competition considered an international quality benchmark.

This year, Bodega Inurrieta received the following awards: Altos de Inurrieta 2014, Laderas de Inurrieta, Inurrieta Mima`o, Inurrieta Cuatrocientos 2015 and Inurrieta Mediodía 2017 got Silver Medals; Inurrieta Norte 2016 received a Silver Outstanding Medal; and Inurrieta Orchidea Cuvée 2016, Inurrieta Coral Rosado 2017, Inurrieta Sur 2016 and Inurrieta Orchidea 2017 took Bronze Medals.