Integral control of the whole process is rounded off at the bodega, which covers an area of 6,000 m2. Practical, hygiene, œnological and operational criteria were all followed in its design. The bodega has a capacity to hold over 4 million litres of wine between tanks, bottles and the cask room.

One of the most interesting places for visitors to Bodega Inurrieta is the imposing cask room, with temperature and humidity controls and air replenishment throughout the year. Here we can find five different kinds of cask: three of French oak and two of American oak, with the aim of obtaining the different nuances that each of the artisan coopers can contribute to our range of wines.

At Inurrieta we look after out land with the utmost care so that each bunch of grapes arrives at the crush pad in all its splendour.

Antonio Antoñana
Founder of Bodega Inurrieta